How to Set Keywords for a Blog.

Set Keywords
By Rohit Sardana, SEO Expert in saffron tech. pvt. ltd. (a leading marketing company)

Keyword research is a one of most important aspect think for SEO. To attract more readers and potential customers for your business,for this you need to appear in search results when a users enter same keywords as you have selected.Google blog spot blogs offer HTML editing so you can insert a “meta” keyword tag directly into the blog’s code. you don't have to mention the meta tag inside html code.Adding a keyword tag is one way to help search engines categorize your blog’s content and can be part of your search engine optimization strategy. The keyword tag tells search engine robots,crawler that  tag is relevant to your blog, so include keywords in your blog.
Step 1
Sign in to your Blogger account.
Step 2
Click on your blog’s title and click “Template.”
Step 3
Click “Edit Html" and a pop-up window will appear.
Step 4
Click the “Proceed” button.
Step 5
Locate the “head” tag, which is usually found in the first several lines of HTML code.
Step 6
Insert under the “head” tag to define your keywords. In the “content” attribute, type your keywords between the quotation marks and separate them with commas followed by a single space. Keywords can be single words, or a short phrase of two or three words. Include three to five keywords that are relevant to your blog.
Step 7
Click “Save Template” to apply the changes and click “Close.”

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